Mustang Cat is an authorized Caterpillar dealer in Southeast Texas that has more than 60 years of experience in heavy construction machinery, equipment rental, and support services in the industrial equipment industry.

Mustang Cat has an impressive track record in the industry. Its success is due in part to its mission to solve its customers’ most complex problems and provide a world-class service.  In order to accomplish this, Mustang values stress the importance of its employees with an emphasis on employee safety.  They act that employees act with a sense of urgency to exceed customers’ expectations and consequently, the business leaders empower employees to act with the freedom to make a difference.  This leads to a philosophy to take care of employees so that employees take care of its customers.  Many of the employees are hourly employees, and it is challenging for employees to take time off to improve their health and safety, an important company value.  The company loses important productivity while the employee loses half a day wages.
Medicine at Work installed an on-site mini clinic in 2009 so that workers are able to get immediate, convenient access to physician care so that important health concerns are not avoided. The clinic improves workers’ health while also significantly boosting their productivity.  In addition, Medicine at Work’s ‘big company’ benefit tailored for a mid-size employer represents an enhanced offering for its employees enabling Mustang Cat to position itself as an employer of choice in the industry.  The clinic meets the important values of Mustang Cat by providing one more commitment to its staff.

Our work with Mustang Cat was featured in an article in Inc. magazine in 2012.

In addition, Mustang CAT’s Medicine At Work clinic was also featured in a local HoustonTV news spot:


We congratulate Brad Tucker, Anna Keyes and the leadership of MustangCAT of Houston for their leadership, and we appreciate our ongoing successful relationship!

Dr. Glenn Hammack