We here at Medicine At Work are so pleased at our growth into 2019 – we are adding programs in Kansas, Utah, and North Carolina, in addition to our existing services to sites in Texas and Pennsylvania. This means that our powerful no-startup-cost onsite clinic programs are now available to even more employers across the U.S.A.!

Watch this space – we will soon be adding California to the list!

Medicine At Work’s growth is being driven by our ability to provide employers with 200 or more employees with very complete on-site examinations, diagnosis, and prescribing by physicians plus staffed wellbeing services all at affordable per-member-per-month rates. Services are installed right at the client site, with no claims to the plan. Dependents can be included, too!

As more employers have maxed out plan design changes such as HDHPs and higher out-of-pocket costs for employees, adding Medicine At Work to the benefits plan makes real changes in cost, value, and benefits satisfaction.