Who brings you Medicine At Work™?

A Recognized Leader in Advanced Medicine

NuPhysicia has built and run advanced medicine programs in environments as challenging as prison systems and off-shore energy. Today, in addition to its US operations in Texas and Pennsylvania, NuPhysicia has a fully developed Brazil subsidiary, NuPhysicia Serviços Médicos Offshore LTDA providing services to Brazilian locations, and also operations in Egypt for commercial military equipment training programs.

NuPhysicia operates three telemedicine services

NuPhysicia evolved from the award-winning programs of the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas.

Starting in 1997, NuPhysicia’s leadership team, while at UTMB, created successful advanced telemedicine services for correctional health care, indigent populations, scientific exploration, and employee health. Completing an exclusive licensing agreement with the University for three healthcare delivery patents in 2006, the company began Houston operations in 2007 with private equity funding from the then Sanders Morris Harris (SMH) Private Equity Group.