Services We

4 KEY areas

1 Convenience Care 

  • Coughs, Cold Symptoms, Flu

  • Ear, Nose, And Throat Infections

  • Skin Conditions And Rashes

  • Muscle Aches and Pains

  • Bladder Infections

  • Red Eyes Including Pink Eye

  • Flu Shots

  • More…

3 Occupational Medical Support (Option) 

  • DOT, Other Drug Screens

  • Non-evidential Breath Alcohol Screening

  • Job Physicals, Pre-employment Physicals

  • Workers Comp First Assessments & Return To Work Reviews

2 Wellbeing Support and Coaching Programs 

  • “Know Your Numbers” Program led by MD

  • Health Risk Assessments and Biometrics

  • Smoking Cessation Program led by MD

  • Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Blood Sugar Monitoring

  • Stress Management

  • Nutrition Counseling, Weight Management

COVID-19 Testing and Support (Option)

  • COVID-19 workplace safety and return to workplace counseling

  • COVID-19 advisement visits via smartphone consults

  • COVID-19 testing at home or in the workplace

  • COVID-19 case management assistance.

Medicine At Work™ Wellbeing Programs

Included with Every Clinic

Know Your Numbers™ – Medical Health Improvement Program

A program of education, biometrics, physician guidance, and routine check ins with a “buddy.” Medicine At Work’s Know Your Numbers starts with a visit in the on-site clinic with the medic who is also a certified health coach. Important measurements and biometrics are taken for assessment and goal setting, and a physician visit may be done if needed. Then a series of visits are planned for tailored education about health areas such as weight, activity, blood fats, blood sugar, and blood pressure, with measurements and coaching or occasional check-ups with the physician.

BMP™ – Bio-Metric Profiles

Programs can be done annually or once at start of services, with results sharing to the health plan via secure EDI and de-identified summaries provided to plan and client for plan design and population risk profiling. Our standard elements are a GINA-compliant health risk assessment (HRA) survey, BMI, waist line size, fasting blood glucose and lipid profile (HDL, LDL, and Triglycerides) using finger-stick point-of-care-testing (POCT) device, plus resting blood pressure, blood oximetry and pulse rate.

Tobacco Cessation Program

Smoking and tobacco use creates many significant risks to health, and this impacts employees and employers alike! Our Tobacco Cessation program allows employees to “kick the habit” at your Medicine At Work™ clinic. Protocol based upon best practices in accordance with programs from the American Lung Association™ and American Cancer Society™.

Optional : Occupational Medicine Support

Additional Value From Your Clinic

Job Physicals, Pre-employment Physicals

job related (police, fire, etc.) annual physicals right at the on-site clinic location. Pre-employment physicals can be provided for a nominal $25.00 each, representing a fraction of typical market rates. In addition, having these physicals done in the clinic makes them part of the patient’s electronic medical record, which helps with their future care.

DOT, Other Drug Screens

Your Medicine At Work™ dedicated onsite medic can be certified to perform DOT and other necessary drug screening procedures right at the on-site clinic location. Having this service right on site makes it readily and immediately available for incident-based testing, and gives convenient and fast results with pre-employment testing. All testing is done in full compliance with necessary privacy and confidentiality regulations.

Non-evidential Breath Alcohol Screening

Similar to our DOT and Other Drug Screen programs, your onsite medic can provide non-evidential breath alcohol screening (SST) testing immediately right on premises. Minimizing the time from an incident to when the breath alcohol is measured is vitally important, so having this service available on site as part of your Medicine At Work™ clinic is very valuable, for timely and accurate test results.

Optional : Coronavirus-19 Support

COVID Related Services

COVID workplace safety and return to workplace counseling.

Our medical director and physicians are involved with RTW planning for many of our clients. We provide guidance to client work teams that usually involve HR, building security, QHSE, and benefits departments. We coordinate involvement of the medic and clinic in screening programs that the site may be running. The goal is to provide a go-to resource for the company, for everything from policy planning to explanations of the latest developments.

COVID advisement visits via smartphone video or audio calls.

Using the MedAtWork app for iPhone and Android devices, our providers can perform advisement consults to all employees, whether they are currently using a clinic or not. This can include real-time supervision of sample collection for COVID testing. In every case medical evaluation and guidance are provided to the patient.

COVID testing.

Provided as a pre-paid service at $95 per test, we can supervise administration of FDA-approved COVID saliva/sputum testing either at the clinics or remotely, such as at home or in the workplace. Samples are submitted to the lab via pre-paid FedEx overnight shipping (included). All testing is preceded by a clinic or telemedicine visit to ensure the situation warrants a test. Test results are usually available within 48 hours, and we handle all patient communication and results reporting.

Case management.

Should you have a COVID-positive employee, we provide advisement as to quarantine procedures, workplace cleaning, contact tracing, and understanding local requirements. We also counsel on best return-to-work processes for such patients.