Health Indicators – Helping You Understand The Overall Health of Your Employees.

As part of every on-site Medicine At Work clinic visit, a process of health status review with summary is conducted.

This protocol, called health status abstraction, works within our electronic medical record system to provide a forward-facing view of the health of your employee population.

The process allows us to provide you with high-level, evidence-based information about special health risks that exist or may be emerging among your employees for better benefits planning.

Examples of Health Indicators set for each patient

  • Date of Last Flu Vaccine
  • Date of Last Mammography
  • Date of Last PSA/Prostate Exam
  • Hx CABG – History of Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
  • Hx Elevated Blood Sugar – History of High Blood Sugar or AIC
  • Hx Elevated Lipids – History of High Cholesterol
  • Hx Heart Attack – History of a Heart Attack
  • Hx High Blood Pressure – History of High Blood Pressure
  • Hx Stent – History of a Stent Procedure in the Heart
  • Hx Stroke – History of a Stroke or TIA
  • Status Current Tobacco Use – Currently Smokes or Chews
  • Tx ACE/ARB – Under Treatment with ACE Inhibitor
  • Tx Aspirin – Taking Medically Directed Aspirin
  • Tx Beta Blocker – Taking a Beta Blocking Drug
  • Tx Ca Channel Blocker – Taking a Calcium Channel Blocker
  • Tx Diuretic – Taking a Diuretic Drug
  • Tx Nicotine Therapy – On Medically Directed Nicotine Treatment
  • Tx Anticoagulant – Taking a Blood Thinning Drug
  • Tx Statin – Taking a Statin Drug