Our Know Your Numbers Program

Making “Healthy” Easy and Real with Biometrics, Education, and Follow-Up

Employees today can make great gains in health status, reduce risks and have better well being with a program of education, biometrics, physician guidance, and routine check ins with a “buddy.” Medicine At Work’s Know Your Numbers is exactly that!

Employees have a visit in the on-site clinic with the medic who is also a certified health coach. Important measurements and biometrics are taken for assessment and goal setting, and a physician visit may be done if needed. Then a series of visits are planned for tailored education about health areas such as weight, activity, blood fats, blood sugar, and blood pressure, with measurements and coaching or occasional check-ups with the physician.

Utilization is enhanced due to the convenience of the on-site clinic right at work, usually with walk-in access. For your employees, the medic becomes a wellness coach and friend, helping and supporting employees along every step of the way.

Know Your Numbers can be part of any Medicine At Work on-site clinic implementation.