A Better Approach to On-Site Clinics.

Medicine At Work™ manages employer’s rising healthcare costs through advanced medicine worksite clinics. Our Board certified physicians and medics provide everything from immediate non-emergency care (with prescriptions) to health management programs, occupational medicine, and COVID-19 testing and support.

Take charge of your employee wellness, productivity, and morale, while saving time and money.

What we believe

Employees defer care for both the inconvenience and the expense. When they do, it hurts both the employee and employer. The employee risks their health, and the employer risks higher healthcare costs. Convenient services from Medicine At Work™ gives both a step up in preventing these situations.
Large hospitals excel at solving dangerous and complex health conditions. They fall short in providing simple episodic care, managing health, and controlling an employer’s cost. We exist to fill this gap efficiently and inexpensively.
It is well recognized that today’s health care and insurance system is focused on correcting problems late in the game rather than preventing them or catching them early. More employers are engaging on-site clinics for convenient preventative services, or telephone telemedicine services for simple complaints. Now employers can get the best of both approaches through Medicine At Work™.
Work-site clinics are a tool to contain the relentless growth in medical costs, but many employers also seek to boost employee productivity and enhance companies’ reputations as employers of choice. Medicine at Work™ is unique in its ability to deliver cost-effective options for smaller employers.

How It Works:

We innovate the onsite clinic using special technology developed at a major academic medical center

Your on-site medic and health coach.

docWe staff a dedicated medic or nurse at your site to facilitate doctor visits and provide prevention and wellness services.  These services include Health Risk Reviews to determine at-risk conditions of current employees.  For significant cases, physicians can offer advice for improvement options. Also available are biometrics, tobacco cessation, a weight management program and general coaching advice on nutrition and exercise. Employees get personal attention from a friendly, approachable team member for improved health through one on one coaching.

Selected on-site laboratory services are available, as well as Flu shots and other common adult immunizations.

Advanced remote physician examinations.

At your on-site clinic, Medicine at Work™ can address 95% of conditions treated at regular physician offices, prescribe specific medications for conditions, and provide individualized treatment follow-up with the same physician. Prescriptions are written when needed, using your employee’s regular pharmacies or PBM services.

Our technology permits full doctor services remotely:

  • Examine eyes, ears, nose, throat, skin, heartbeat, breathing
  • Prescribe medications
  • Same scope of services as traditional on-site clinics

It reduces operating cost vs. traditional clinics with no sacrifices on scope of care.

Our advanced telemedicine system for medical care is fully compliant with all state Board of Medicine regulations.  We use secure, HD two-way video-conferencing combined with the medic using live-video exam tools that allows for a diagnostic exam by the consulting physician.

Employees get fast, convenient physician care with less time away for doctor visits and fewer insurance claims from office visits, urgent care, and ER visits.

Phone telemedicine for home or travel.

Get convenience and peace of mind for satellite offices and telecommuters. Our MedAtWork™ smartphone app allows employees to access the same doctor team as the clinic, insuring coordination and continuity no matter where they are.

The MedAtWork™ app is a free download from the Apple App Store™ or Google Play™ and works on phones and tablets.

Your partner for results

Our focus and goal is to improve the health care of your employees, while also saving you as much money as possible. Not only do we provide everything for the clinic, we also provide materials and assistance so that you can market your clinic internally, drive utilization, and maximize success.

The more the program is utilized, the more your healthcare savings – “a happy clinic is a busy clinic.”