It’s getting crazy out there for today’s employers who are buying health insurance for employees – medical inflation, rising premiums, new plans with high deductibles, adding health savings accounts. Eventually your head begins to spin, and many times your choices are all bad news, both for you and for your employees.

It is easy to feel pretty powerless in all this, because there are few tools in the bag that allow you to actually do something proactive – to get ahead of the game – instead of always reacting to the latest cost increases.

On-site clinics have been a long-time success story for very large employers. Overall population cost reductions, better access to necessary basic care, and high employee workplace satisfaction are recognized results from on-site clinic installations, and are why so many large employers install them.

The problem, of course, is that traditionally you’ve got to be big – really big – 5,000 or more employees – to make the ROI come in comfortably. And there are usually significant start up costs for clinic build out, and time delays for implementation.

That’s why our team is so proud to be offering Medicine At Work™, the on-site clinic service for worksites with as few as 200 employees.  For a fixed rate per employee per month, employees get unlimited access to a full-time health coach, well-being programs, examinations and prescriptions by physicians, and apps that allow them to manage their health data. All with no build out costs. And start up in as little as 30 days.

Since 2009, thousands of employees have enjoyed access to Medicine At Work™ programs. We are proud to be building a new paradigm in employer health care choices – one that brings cost controls to employers while improving the health of the employees.