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Hard Numbers: The CFO’s View of a Healthier Employee

I have observed the US healthcare model as both a participant and a financial professional over the course of 20+ years.  This has given me great insight into why medical cost inflation outpaces consumer inflation at such an incredible extreme. Hospitals are fabulous institutions.  They fix really scary problems, and we need them in the most [...]

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Supporting Houston Public Media and ‘Moth Radio Hour’

Beginning on Saturday, July 16th, Medicine At Work will be supporting the programming of The Moth Radio Hour on Houston Public Media, News 88.7 FM, broadcast between noon and 1PM each Saturday. Operating our Medicine At Work on-site clinics, we work very hard to integrate into the workplaces of our clients. We create a powerful environment for health care and well [...]

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Bringing the Benefits of On-Site Clinics to More Employers

It’s getting crazy out there for today’s employers who are buying health insurance for employees – medical inflation, rising premiums, new plans with high deductibles, adding health savings accounts. Eventually your head begins to spin, and many times your choices are all bad news, both for you and for your employees. It is easy to [...]

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