Beginning on Saturday, July 16th, Medicine At Work will be supporting the programming of The Moth Radio Hour on Houston Public Media, News 88.7 FM, broadcast between noon and 1PM each Saturday.

clinic-hallway-consultationOperating our Medicine At Work on-site clinics, we work very hard to integrate into the workplaces of our clients. We create a powerful environment for health care and well being support services for patients. Our medics are specifically interviewed and permanently assigned for each client site. Each medic spends focused time getting to know each employee, learning about their challenges, hearing their stories. This aspect of learning about the employees, as people, is very important to us. It makes us more effective as trusted caregivers and health coaches for employees.

It is in that spirit that we enjoy supporting The Moth Radio Hour, as it encourages all of us to seek out the richness of the stories of other people’s lives, and in them gain appreciation for the values that they bring. In doing so, we usually also gain that appreciation for the stories in our own lives.

We hope you will join us in enjoying the next broadcast of the Moth Radio Hour.

Yours in health,

Dr. Glenn Hammack