util-chartIn the now over seven (7!) years since we started offering Medicine At Work on-site mini-clinics for employers, folks learn our roots and use of telemedicine and ask why we just don’t offer telephone or web video services by themselves. A recent online article highlights one key reason why – low utilization. This means a tiny percentage of employees and dependents (under 5%) ever use the benefit, which is intended to prevent unnecessary visits to high-cost health care locations like emergency rooms and urgent care centers.  So while the employer costs for such programs are frequently very low, they provide a corresponding very low impact on your employee base. This does not align with our goal to provide our meaningful health care to as broad a base of employees as possible to have a maximum effect on health and well being, and maximize cost controls.

Medicine At Work uses advanced telemedicine technology for immediate physician access, and backs that up with a registered medic in each mini-clinic for more complete services like health condition monitoring, health and well being coaching, along with biometric testing (weight, BMI, blood pressure, and blood testing) with the doctor’s hands-on examinations.

These  factors allow Medicine At Work to boast industry-leading utilization numbers where, in most cases, a majority of employees utilize our clinics each year. Unlimited access for a simple all-inclusive Per Member Per Month fee with no claims to insurance. Our model allows all the benefits of the on-site clinic, usually operated at large employers, to be there for the smaller mid-size employer. All at a cost that is affordable.

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Dr. Glenn Hammack