What do you need to know
About Medicine at Work?

  • On-site clinics are not just for large employers anymore.

  • Usually considered only for 3,000+ campuses, now the advantages of an on-site clinic are available to workplaces with as few as 200 members.

  • Doctors examine, diagnose and treat.

  • Board-certified physicians serve our clinics using proven technology, so members don’t sacrifice quality care for convenient access.

  • Members get a go-to on-site medical liaison and Health Coach.

  • Our on-site staff bonds with members, building a trusted relationship for high wellness initiative participation and top-notch member satisfaction.

  • There is no easier way to try on-site clinic services.

  • We have fast, easy implementation with no start up costs, no required build-out, and cancellation with 60 days notice. Employer pays an affordable, flat PMPM fee only, with no claims to the plan.