What You’ll Get Out of Medicine At Work™

Reduced ER Visits and Other Claims to the Plan. 

Using the ER unnecessarily is costly and wastes time. The convenience of Medicine At Work™ clinics right on site allows employees unfettered access to physician care, preventing unnecessary high-cost ER or Urgent Care visits.

Reduced Out-of-Pocket Spend for Employees.

Medicine At Work™ clinics are implemented on a no-copay basis with most plans. HSA/HDHP plan participants pay a low, fixed (~$35) fee for non-preventative care only. This results in significant savings for the employee.

Reduced risk & improved management of COVID

With today’s COVID-19 situation, people are avoiding visiting public medical facilities due to exposure risk. Many are deferring care or endangering themselves if they go. As a private clinic only for employees or dependents, with Medicine At Work™ the exposure risk is much less than any public medical facility, having tighter staffing and controls. In addition, our COVID-19 Support program speeds assessment and testing of patients.

Reduced “Metabolic Syndrome” problems.

Most companies’ top three conditions are Hypertension, Diabetes, and Hyperlipidemia. These three comprise the “Metabolic Syndrome.” They are the specific target for our included Know Your Numbers program, comprising measurement, assessment, education, counseling checkups, and physician visits to effect real change for patients.

Improved access, reduced costs, and faster results with pre-employment physicals and work injury assessments.

Medicine At Work™ clients enjoy same-day physicals and same-day results, complete with drug screens and physician signatures instead of waiting days for results from other providers. Likewise, instead of having employees with work related injuries leaving the workplace (in most cases with another employee escorting them), Medicine At Work™ clients use the on-site clinic for the first assessment of these cases, speeding time to care and accuracy of information.