We are very pleased to report that Medicine At Work is now an authorized product for the Public Employee Benefits Alliance! The Public Employee Benefits Alliance (PEBA) was created by a group of Texas Government leaders working together for over a year to develop strategies to manage the rising costs of healthcare benefits.  PEBA membership is open to all Texas Local Governments.

PEBA completed a competitive bid and product review process for its Value Tiered Health and Wellness Benefit Solutions that include Telehealth with a Kiosks Option, On-Site Wellness Biometric Screenings and 3D Mammogram Services, On-Site/Near Site Virtual MD/EMT, On-Site/Near Site MD or PA with collaborating MD, and Emergent/Urgent and Chronic Care Community Based Services.

Our Medicine At Work is a cost effective and affordable option now included as part of the products available to PEBA members. We are very proud of this recognition and look forward to serving PEBA and its members.

More information about PEBA can be found at www.buypeba.org.