Of the many good reasons to consider an on-site clinic for your employees like Medicine At Work, here’s an important one: it contributes to your organization’s compliance to fiduciary obligations under ERISA (how’s that for a mouthful!). But really, this recently published article in JDSupra reviews some 2016 legal actions taken due to the issue of ERISA fiduciary responsibility, and then provides suggestions as how to improve compliance:


Of the excellent recommendations in the article, the closing bullet is important:

“In order to address this responsibility, plan sponsors of health plans should pursue a more proactive approach to this benefit


  • […]Instituting wellness programs and even establishing on-site clinics can lead to a healthier workforce, reduce claims, and even increase worker productivity. As on-site clinic administration services have matured, even groups of similar smaller employers can now assess the possibilities of a shared near-site clinic.”

The above statement aligns perfectly with what our Medicine At Work services are all about – bringing the benefits of on-site clinics – as JDSupra put it – healthier workforce, reduced claims, and better productivity – into the hands of smaller (200+) person employers and their families. Add in Medicine At Work’s features of no start up costs, no long term contracts and simple PMPM pricing and you have a combination that might even make an attorney smile!

Dr. Glenn Hammack